Say It Isn’t So

So many catastrophes and controversies have occupied the air waves and other media over the last couple of weeks— the typhoon in the Philippines, unrest in the Middle East, the NSA spy scandal, the state of the Affordable Care Act, and yes, another crazy takes a gun into a shopping mall and lets loose— that we barely tilt an ear to them now.

Rather, what captures our attention is a larger tragedy: BULLYING IN THE NFL.

It’s hard to get on with our daily lives knowing that somewhere a rookie got stuck with his teammates’ entire bar bill. We’re tormented by the painful images we now carry with us of young linebackers forced to schlep gear from the field to the equipment room. The taunting in the locker room.

Right here in America. And it’s been going on for years. Forget cover-ups by the Catholic Church. Never mind oppressive foreign regimes. This time it’s our gladiators.

Not only does Sports Illustrated interview Bully-of-the-Century Richie Incognito, SI devotes additional space to interviewing the interviewer of Incognito. It’s that big.

And now here I am devoting space to it. So let me close with this: Bullying in our classrooms is one thing. Internet bullying, something else again. But bullying in the NFL? Somebody do something! Like change the subject.


3 thoughts on “Say It Isn’t So

  1. I’ve only just started reading your posts and am enjoying them. I couldn’t help but notice how thoughtful and well written they are. I know this is finally out of the main stream’s consciousness, but I applaud you for your poignant post on a matter that received far too much attention, especially given the nature of real world problems, which you so cleverly included in your post. Keep up the good work, Linda!


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