Who Are We?

On September 17th I was at the courthouse in Lovingston, VA.  Why is the flag at half-mast? I thought to myself.  A second later I remembered.  Oh, that’s right.  There was a mass shooting yesterday, and I went about my business.

That’s messed up.

The yearly average of mass shootings has tripled from an average of five per year between the years of 2000 and 2008, Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday at an annual conference of police chiefs. At least 12 mass shootings have taken place in 2013.

And yet this country has done close to nothing to correct this situation.

But let there be mere rumors of a couple of people attempting to cast their votes without proper identification, and the laws of this land can’t be changed fast enough.  A national crisis.

Let’s break this down.  Our children and families are being gunned down in public, very often in public schools – schools that were established with great intention by the founding fathers.

A quick back-of-the-envelope count of shootings in American schools (not counting other places) over the past ten years paints a grim picture.  Somewhere around 150 gun deaths have occurred during that time.

Suppose someone suggested a lottery, where 15 luckless students and/or teachers were selected each year, then shot to death in front of their classmates.  Would we as American citizens endorse such an idea, or would we decry it as barbaric?

Because that’s pretty much what we have right now and we’ve done very little to discourage it.  I am tired of seeing the flags at half mast.  Disgusted that the term “mass shooting” is a regular part of our lexicon.  Weary of wondering time and time again:  Who are we?



2 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. ” Who are we?”

    Stupid people who elect stupid politicians who pass a Gun Free School Zone Act law because that sure makes psychos not bring a gun to school.

    We protect our money in the bank with guards with guns. Ditto for the Brinks guards in those armored trucks who pick up bags of money from big dept. stores. Ditto for politicians and the President and rich and powerful people. All worth defending with guns.

    But children aren’t worth as much as our money in the bank or our crooked, slimy politicians. They are not worth protecting apparently.



  2. A recent article in the Hopewell paper praised the family who have just opened a gun shop here with an available gunsmith. There have been numerous shootings in town plus several robberies at gunpoint so I guess this will just make it easier for such people to acquire guns.


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