Not Just Another Sunday Afternoon

$250 per ticket was not in our budget, even for a four-day rock festival. But when three free passes came our way on Sunday afternoon, Kevin and I met our younger son, Bram, and headed to the first ever Lockn’— in a field just five miles from our house in rural Nelson County—to see a band we’d been wanting to see for a while now.

I am now officially smitten with Susan Tedeschi, crooked-toothed angel with a salvation voice. I love everything about her. I want to look like her, sing like her, play like her. And her husband? Well…

What if someday Jesus makes it back here, and the whole world has changed and everyone is at peace? And what if he looks around and loves what he sees so much—understands that finally, everything he died so horribly for has worked out even better than he’d hoped it would— that he picks up the nearest guitar and begins to play? When Derek Trucks plays his Gibson, it sounds like that. There is nothing else like it in this world.

That, combined with his wife’s voice and presence on stage, brought Kevin and me quite literally to tears. I could have broken down and sobbed if I’d let myself.

Their band – keyboard player, base player, horn section, drummers — oozed talent. The horn section electrified the stage even when they weren’t playing. And it was hard to say who was having more fun – the audience, or the band.

Guitarist Eric Krasno joined them for a number. And was that the Black Crowes hanging out at the back of the stage, just diggin’ it? No – not just diggin’ it. For the last couple of songs, they joined the Tedeschi-Trucks Band. And OK – if there was one perfect male voice to partner with Tedeschi’s voice, who would that be (now that Ray Charles is dead)? Chris Robinson.

And was that Bob Weir picking up a tambourine and stepping up to the microphone as the band took “I Want to Take You Higher” to a new level? Boom shaka-laka-laka!

And we were there, not a hundred feet away, on a late summer afternoon in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Without even realizing it, I’ve been waiting for a live concert experience like this ever since I saw Little Feat on their “Waiting for Columbus” tour. I can die now. Play Tedeschi-Trucks at my funeral.


One thought on “Not Just Another Sunday Afternoon

  1. Great piece Linda. I like her voice especially that she is sounding less like Bonnie Raitt. Her husband is an amazing quitar player. Still looking for an album from them that I totally like. I suspect they will be always better live (like so many acts)l


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